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We are Integral Suppressor and Enfield conversion specialists!
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Phasing out the De Lisle, 45-SC and other Enfield conversions.
Decent actions are getting harder to find at reasonable prices.
Small critical parts are becoming more difficult to obtain.
I will use up the magazine adapters I have on hand, about thirty at the moment.
Once they are gone so are the .45 conversions unless I can find a way to make them more easily.
One last .50AE conversion available in whatever configuration the buyer would like.

If you've been hesitating on a .45 conversion now is the time to place your order while they are still available!

All other S.I.A. products will continue.

De Lisle replica with 1942 English Half-penny in the butt/

Why make integral suppressors?*

We supply integral suppressors (Silencers) on many types of actions.
Making the suppressor integral to the action has several advantages.
1. Only one $200.00 tax stamp instead of the two required for a suppressor and Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).
2. More volume to reduce the shot report in a safer low pressure system.

3. Shorter overall length compared to a screw-on design.

4. Better balance as the added weight remains further back, closer to the balance point. 
5. The design is optimized for the one caliber since the suppressor will never be used for any other.

*Definition of an integral suppressor.

The suppressor tube is permanently attached to the barrel so that it's length counts for overall length per ATF regulations.

Why use the Enfield action for conversions?

Until fairly recently the Enfield actions have been relatively inexpensive and plentiful.
Their two-piece stocks design and wide magazine well make them easier to work with for conversions.
The No. 1 Mk. III Enfield is the only correct action for a proper De Lisle replica.

Machine guns and title one firearms for sale are listed on the Updates and Sales page.

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