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Special Interest Arms
New Trecenti

Our next product will be AR based rather than Enfield!

AR-15/M-16 "Cup" barrels.

Suppressor host barrels for AR-15/M-16 rifle and pistol calibers.

Have a "Short barrel" and reduced overall length with your silencer attached, without the NFA hassle!
All Pistol calibers that a 10.5" barrel is readily available for.
Rifle caliber may follow if there is enough interest.

10.5" barrel and integral 7" Cup/Perforated Tube made to fit the AR platform upper.
Will fit Colt, Rock River, CMMG and most other AR pattern uppers but not Olympic Arms.
Barrel and "Cup" or "Perforated Tube" are one unit exceeding 16" OAL, so NO tax stamp!
Similar concept to the long flash hider used on some M4 carbines, just larger and longer.
Standard Cup is 1.75" ID, this will clear the OD of most popular silencers.
Larger and smaller cups available on special order.
1" of the 7" cup is used in mounting so that 6" extends beyond the end of the barrel.

Integral "Cup" barrel with free-float base-nut, $350.00 retail for the standard model.
Please specify the thread of your tube or quad-rail.
Dealer pricing available.

I recommend the New Frontier Armory of N. Las Vegas billet lowers made to take GlockŪ magazines!
9mm, .40 SW, 10 mm and .45 acp
Cost is on par or with common Colt adapters but simpler and more reliable with better magazine availability.

Please email for order form.
Special Interest Arms