Special Interest Arms - Enfield Conversions
Special Interest Arms
Special Interest Arms - Enfield Conversions

Enfield .45 Carbine and kits.

I am phasing out the De Lisle, 45-SC and other Enfield conversions.
Decent actions are getting hard to find at reasonable prices.
Small critical parts are becoming more difficult to obtain.

I will use up the magazine adapters I have on hand, about tfifteen at the moment.
Once they are gone so are the .45 conversions unless I can find a way to make them more easily.

So if you've been hesitating now is the time to place your order while they are still available!

A custom Enfield .45 conversion using our improved adapter, with threaded barrel for use with a suppressor.
A custom Enfield .45 conversion using our improved adapter, with a threaded barrel for use with a suppressor

Enfield .45 "Tanker" conversion.
Enfieldd "Tanker" .45 conversion.

This is a standard .45 kit. Barrel, ejector assembly, magazine and magazine adapter.
This is a standard .45 kit. Barrel, ejector assembly, magazine and magazine adapter. 

Our kit is clearly superior to any previous Enfield .45acp conversion set.
We use McGowen Precision® premium barrels and our improved design magazine adapter.

Our regular kit or build incorporates a spring loaded ejector stud, our design ejects spent brass reliably.  
Our .45 magazine adapter holds the magazine exactly in it's proper location. Note the location of our magazine release lever, no more cutting your stock or trigger guard!
Please specify barrel length with your order, 16.5"-18". 

As of 2/1/14 our standard .45 conversions kits are $350.00 ea., $20.00 shipping.

This is our first price increase in five years.

We made a large run of adapters this time.

Barrels are back in stock as of November.

Basic assembly on your action remains $100.00

Strip and parkerize after assembly now $75.00

For an additional $50.00 we will upgrade to our spring loaded internal ejection lever.

This upgrade requires that you send us your gun or bolt head for modification.

New Product for 2014!

Optional barrel nut to accept AR-15 type free-float or rail hand guards.
$35.00 as an upgrade or $50.00 as a seperate item.

Our .45 conversion build manual.

We have perfected an improved ejection system which is not visible from the outside for all .45 variants we assemble.

A little too complex for home builders, we can add it to any kit for $50.00.
We need your old bolt head for this upgrade.

Please copy and paste our updated order form into your word processing program to print and include with your payment.
We do not take credit cards, accepting checks and money orders only.

.45 Carbine gunsmithing or kit order form. To be converted to PDF ASAP.
It is important that your order is clearly defined so that we may send the correct configuration.
We have reduced the number of calibers offered but increased the optional build configurations available.

Special Interest Arms
1422-A Industrial Way, Gardnerville, NV. 89410    

ALL appropriate fields must be completed!

Full name  _______________________________________________
Physical address (ATF requirement any time a receiver is sent to us, No P.O. Boxes) ________________________________________________

Soc. Sec. or Drivers License number as required per ATF regulations. ______________________________
(Not needed for kits) FFL’s, send signed copy.

Description of firearm.
Make (If known, Enfield, Fazakerly, BSA, etc.) ________________________________
Model (#4 Mk. 1, #5, etc.) ___________________________________
Serial Number  ____________________________________________
Caliber as sent ______________ New caliber? _________________

Enfield .45 acp conversion, Basic kit $350.00    _____
All of our conversions use ONLY new barrels.
Barrel length, 16.5" to 18.0" _____".

Additional products and work to be done.  (Check as appropriate)
Thread barrel for suppressor or flash hider __ X __TPI  $50.00 ____
Externally threaded barrel nut upgrade to accept AR-15 type free-float fore-arm or rail system,  $35.00 ____

Options available only for conversions completed by S.I.A.
Basic assembly-test  without refinishing metal components, $100.00  ____
Parkerize all metal components in grey or black, $75.00 ____
Internal ejector upgrade  $50.00 ____
Moly-Teflon finish, Black ___ Brown  ___ Green ___  $ 50.00 ____
Aluma-Hyde II matt black epoxy finish. $50.00 ____

Additional custom modifications at $60.00 per hour.      $ _________

Stock options.
None (leave as delivered) $NC  ____   
Basic cutting to “Sporterize” original stock without refinish, $25.00  ____  
Refinish a wood stock, $100.00  ____
Synthetic Sporter stock $85.00 ____  

Sight options*.
No. 4 / 5 action, just retain original rear peep sight.    NC ____
No. 4 / 5 action, modify original front sight to fit new barrel. $25.00 ____
Add S.I.A. scope mount. $85.00 ___  No. 1 or 2A ____ No. 4 or No. 5____
* No. 1 type actions will usually need to add a scope mount as the original sights are impractical to fit to converted carbines.

Other accessories.
AR-15 type free-float fore-end or rails system. $ _____ (Depends on brand and model, normally Brownell's retail price)
Enfield to CAR-15 Stock adapter.  $200.00 ____ (When available).
Externally threaded barrel nut to accept AR-15 type free-float fore-arm or rails system,  as a stand alone item. $50.00 ____
.45 Conversion kit less barrel. $200.00 ____
.45 Conversion barrel without adapter set. $200.00
Additional .45 magazines  #_________  X    $ 25.00 = $_________

Kit shipping $20.00 ____
Completed conversion shipping with insurance. $40.00 ____

Total of all parts and work to be done. $___________

We strive to complete most orders in about six weeks or less.
Special order conversions will take longer as we must produce one-off parts.

I am over 18 years of age for Rifle work, 21 years of age for any Hand-Gun work.
I am not prohibited from possessing firearms for any reason.
I am not seeking any work or accessories that may be prohibited by federal, state, or local law in my area of residence.
I have read and understand the above.

Name ________________________________ Date ______________.
Special Interest Arms