Special Interest Arms - Gardner Gun
Special Interest Arms
Model of 1885 Gardner Gun
An authentic re-creation of the "Improved" 45-70 Gardner "Battery Machine Gun*"

In an effort to simplify our production the Gardner Gun project is being suspended.
Gun on hand is available at a discounted price of only $15,000
This gun is museum quality and made in the authentic manner from naval bronze castings.
Only one completed gun available.

The original Gardner Gun's bridged the technology gap between the heavy and complex Gatling and the 1905 Maxim fully automatic machine gun.
It is generally estimated that only twenty-one U.S. made guns were manufactured, some sources claim around fifty.
Historical records indiate thay only eighteen were sold to the U.S. Government, with most going to the U.S. Navy.
The last original gun made is now in the Smithsonian collection.
Many more were sold to foreign governments, particularly England, who set  up their own production facility.
Original guns are extremely scarce, with very few in private hands.
We are aware of six in the U.S., including the Smitsonian gun, and two in South America.
Original standard configurations include single barrel, two barrel, and five barrel models.

The gun we manufacture is the improved model of 1885 in cal. 45-70 Gvt.
It features all of the reliability improvments, two water cooled barrels and the most advanced ground mount tripod,
The tripod features Traverse, Oscillator, and Elevation controls.
The main body of the gun and mount are made of cast and machined naval bronze.
The barrels and firing mechanism are alloy steel.

Guns can be polished to "Presentation" grade as above, a medium luster, or treated to an antique bronze "Patina" as desired.
The water cooled Gardner Gun is capable of sustained fire at a rate of 350-500 rounds per minute with an assistant gunner.
*Because it is manually operated by a hand-crank on the right side of the gun it is legally not a "Machine Gun" by modern definition.
The Gardner Gun is not restricted by the NFA-34 act as a modern automatic machine gun would be.
The Gardner Gun transfers just like any other American semi-auto or bolt action rifle, with a simple "Brady" back-round check and no special paperwork, registration, or tax!

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I will try to find new ones.
Our new video link, GG Short video.

The gun pictured above is the first prototype, we have castings for several more and production is underway.
We do not take deposits, guns are sold in the order we recieve inquiries.
SN# GG-01 of our production is the second and final prototype, it is now available for sale at $24,500.00 $15,000.00
We are taking contact information from potential buyers, as guns are completed we will contact each person in first to last order.

Our Gardner Guns are as exact a replica as can be produced, the drawings and patterns were made from an original model 1885 gun.
We mark the federally required manufacturer information on the bottom of the gun.
This leaves the top and body of the gun clear for any sort of custom engraving which may be desired.

The second (final) prototype was test fired 11/30/10!
Serial number is GG-01
This gun was on display at the "Small Arms Review" gun show, Phoenix fairgrounds 12-3 to 12-5 2010.
We will post video of the gun in action as soon as the weather improves.

Production gun price is $29,950.00 each, complete with tripod and accessories.
A presentation grade finish will be an additional $500.00

Special Interest Arms