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07/C2 FFL.
We are Integral Suppressor and Enfield specialists!

See the NFA page for details on our new "Trecenti" in 300 BLK!

Our Enfield low mount Picatinney scope rails are in stock!

The No. 4 - No. 5 version has been improved for use with Savage or Long Branch actions.

New for 2014, custom barrel nuts to mount AR15 type forearms to your .45 Enfield!

De Lisle video.

De Lisle Gong video.

Thureon Defense Carbines.

Gunsmithing only for firearms we build.

De Lisle replica with 1942 English Half-penny in the butt/

We manufacture Enfield .45 conversion kits for home assembly.

Assembled Enfield conversions are available to order in .45 acp.

"Tanker" versions are only available for the No. 4 type action.

"45-SC", .45 De Lisle, and 7.62x39 "K-SC" are suppressed versions.

Our De Lisle Silent Carbine is now in production, $2,250.00
No Silencer components may be sold in kit form per BATFE regulations.

Our suppressed Thureon Carbine conversion is now available in 9mm, .40, 10mm, and .45
Thureon now offers Left hand uppers in all calibers!
Integral suppressor units from $600.00.
Complete firearms from $1400.00
Dealer pricing available.

Thureon Carbine video

AR-SC short video.

AR9-SC & Thureon SC's video

9mm integral suppressor barrels for AR-15/M-16 uppers!
Using the same basic design as our Thureon Defense units but made to fit the AR platform upper.
Will fit ColtŪ and most others but not Olympic ArmsŪ due to their proprietary chamber and bolt face.
No other 9mm parts are included at this time.
From $700.00 retail for the standard model with free float hand guard.
Dealer pricing available.

We also have an exacting reproduction of the Model 1885 Gardner Gun in 45-70.

Enfield accessories include our own design low mount Picatinny scope rails.

We often have a few machine guns and collectors rifles listed for sale on the NFA page.

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