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Near-Replica of the De Lisle Silent Carbine.

Production of our version of the .45 De Lisle Silent Carbine has begun.
We have obtained and registered several additional No. 1 Mk. III actions for additional builds.
Retail price is $2,250.
Dealer pricing available.

Ours is not an "Exact" replica as it uses our standard .45 conversion components.
This means it accepts unmodified M-1911 type magazines and is much simpler and stronger than an original De Lisle.
The tooling is more complex than our earlier 45-SC model due to the off-set bore line.
Except for the magazine adapter the appearance is very faithful to an original.
The larger picture below is the final prototype, incorporating our new fore-end.
The charger guide has been removed as was done to most originals.

We are currently using original type baffles in stainless steel, a mono-core design will be available soon for those who prefer it.

The bolt remains full length, and the 16" silencer tube is integral to the action so that only one NFA tax is required.
Feed and extraction are vastly improved over the original, and the barrels chamber is fully supported in the receiver.
We DO put a black Delrin® insert in the bolt handle to prevent it from clicking when closing the action!

Test firing on several occasions confirms that the design is very quiet and very accurate.
The sound pulse is very short with no following hiss. We have confirmed that a shot cannot be heard at fifty yards!

De Lisle video.

De Lisle Gong video.

We can do a separate SBR and Silencer section that do come apart on request. $100.00 additional cost, buyer will require two NFA stamps.
We have had a few request for an "Exact" replica.  Sorry, but we have no desire to replicate the flaws of the original design.

Please email for an NFA item order form.
Our order form for non-NFA items is at the bottom of the Enfield Conversions page.

Our .45-SC, inspired by the W.W. II De Lisle, but built on a No. 4 action using a concentric tube and modern "M" baffles. From $1,250
We are still producing our integrally suppressed .45-SC.
Very quite, with standard 230 gr. ammunition they sound like a BB gun, high velocity Remington "Golden Saber" 180 gr. sound like an air rifle.
They are available with wood or a black synthetic stock.    
On F3's in Nevada, prices begin at $1,250.00 and NFA tax.
We always have a few of these in process, we use a sinker EDM to port between the barrel lands for perfect burr free holes.

45-SC with all options.

To simplify production all synthetic stock 45-SC's will now have the fore-end cut as pictured above.
A solid AR-15 type free-float cover will be standard, a rail type is optional.

Enfield Silent Carbine    A custom .45 Silent Carbine.

Video of suppressed .45-SC.

Another suppressed .45-SC video.

Close-up video of a .45-SC

A long .45-SC video.

The close-up video has some errors in the dialog but does an excellent job of displaying the gun and it's features. 
None of the guns in these videos are a true De Lisle replica, they are all our standard 45-SC's.
They are inspired by the De Lisle but are updated with modern technology, built on a No. 4 action.

Our true De Lisle replica is now being delivered to customers, built on No. 1 actions as original.

 Announcing the 300 BLK "Trecenti"!
The first unit has not only been completed but also put into the hands of unbiased shooters.
More are in production.
Trecenti 300 BLK example.

Typical comments at the introduction were along the line of "I've used office staplers that were louder than this!"
One shooter thought she was getting double taps, she heard the bolt cycle in both directions, but did not hear the shot.
With sub-sonic loads the Trecenti is very nearly as quiet as a De Lisle, except that the AR-15 platform is a "clink-clank" gas operated action.
Shot report is on par with closing the action on an empty chamber, or casual conversation when using sub-sonic ammunition.

These are simple systems, no exotic materials or overly complex parts are used, but they are quite effective.

The "Trecenti" 300 BLK requires a few minor construction differences from strait blow-back designs such as 9mm due to the need for a gas system.
It uses an S.I.A. design integral gas block and tube base to reduce overall length.
Once installed it is normally "Blind pinned" in place to keep it a single tax stamp design.
Two stamp versions are available as an option.
The gas port is adjustable to tune the action for your ammunition, or turn it "Off" to eliminate bolt cycling noise.

The 300 BLK barrel itself is not ported in order to ensure reliable function at 8.2".
Instead a short extension is ported ahead of the support bushing.

Baffles are the same hard anodized aluminum "Step Cone" type as used in my other models with a reduced aperture for .30 caliber.
The end cap unscrews so the baffles are easy to remove for cleaning.

The integral design has the advantage of providing plentiful internal volume without the need for excessive overall length.
The barrel and integrated tube assembly are 18.50" long.

Supersonic ammunition may be shot but the gas port must be turned down first.
I would recommend removing the baffles to extend their useful life, this integral design is intended for suppressed use with sub-sonic ammunition.

Uppers and lowers are billet 7075 aluminum CNC items from New Frontier Armory with many advanced features not provided on regular production actions.
I strive to avoid imported components, as many parts as possible are made right here in Nevada, USA.

AR-15 "Trecenti" 300 BLK flat-top upper from $900.00 depending on rails used and if I supply the bolt.
Complete "Trecenti" 300 BLK guns are available from $2,100.00 introductory price, using a light and comfortable free-float tube.
I can install any tube or quad-rail the customer will supply at no additional charge.
Red-Dot sight not included.
One magazine is included with a complete firearm.

Integrally Suppressed Thureon Defense® Carbine barrels!
9mm, .40, 10mm and .45!
    From $600.00 on your barrel.

Single tax stamp, currently using stepped "M" baffles ahead of an 8" ported barrel.
Working on a bolt-lock as the action noise is louder than the firing report!

Thureon Carbine video

AR9-SC & Thureon SC's video

Pictured below "Tricked Out" with optional half-quad rail and upgraded "operator" stock.
Thureon SC with options.


Our newest item, 9mm integral suppressor barrels for AR-15/M-16!

Using the same basic design and baffles as our Thureon Defense units but made to fit the AR platform upper.
Will fit Colt®, Rock River, CMMG and most other brands but not Olympic Arms®.
Barrel and suppressor are one unit, so only one tax stamp.

Complete firearms with matching serial number lowers now available.
Billet 7075 lowers with Nevada commemorative "Battle Born" logo.

Integral suppressed barrel only, $700.00 retail for the standard model.
Complete firearm introductory price* of $1750.00 for the standard model.
Standard model uses a simple free-float tube without rails, a flat top "smooth side" upper, six-position "Operator" stock and one magazine.
Other types of forward rails can be fitted at additional cost.
* Limited to SN#'s  9-004 to 9-007.

A local retailer resells these at $2,250.00
Dealer pricing available.

AR9-SC short video.

AR9-SC & Thureon SC's video

Our sample AR-15 9mm with an AR9-SC and optional U.S. made Sherluck Marketing® quad-rail.
AR9-SC SN No. 1.

For Sale.
Selling from our inventory, or for local owners at their asking price.

NFA items transfer out of state on a form 3 for dealer to dealer, or form 4 from an individual to dealer, and on a form 4 for Nevada buyers.
Buyer to pay all NFA tax's when applicable, shipping, and insurance.
We prepare all forms via PDF file and submit them to BATFE immediately on receiving payment.
Terms are usually cash up front.

Transferable Machine Guns!
We are always interested in purchasing registered NFA items, one or a collection!

None at this time.

Post '86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns (L.E. or class 2 & 3 dealers only, L.E. letter required)
None at this time.

Non-NFA firearms for sale.
None at this time,

Shipping terms.
FFL dealer required, long guns are usually $50 each for USPS insured shipping.
Possible discount on multiple purchase of collector guns.

Fair offers are welcome, but these are intended as retail, not for brokers or gun show resellers.

Some of our custom projects:
Here is a custom Enfield .45 SBR we completed in May of 2009. It also features one of our low mount picatinny scope rails and a threaded barrel.

This is probably the most "Tactical" Enfield since the L2A1.
.45 ACP, suppressed, free-float quad-rail, top rail extended over the bolt, and a synthetic stock!
$1,950.00 as shown.
Special Interest Arms